Work Surfaces on Double Tool Boxes

You get great tool benches and an enormous amount of tool storage (46,936 usable cu. in.) with our 96" Work Surfaces joined with two 48-11 Tool Boxes. The drawer selection in both boxes is yours to choose and the boxes can be arranged differently from each other, as shown in the picture below. The Work Surfaces are seam welded out of 3/16" formed steel and have rounded gentle radius on the edges. They can support practically anything you can put on them. The work surfaces and their shelves can be designed to your dimensions, and can be built to hang over the boxes for seated work space or tool mounting. 

Your box can be powder coated in the colors of your choice and any work surface pad or protector can be used if you desire. This unit is remarkably priced for its capability and comes in close to what you would pay for a single, high end tool box.