Drawer Slides & Casters


Tracer uses drawer glides rated at of 260 lbs. per pair. Deeper drawers get multiple sets of slides for extra capacity. Slides are attached to their supporting structure with screws and permanently mounted nuts (Pem). This allows heavy use, yet makes field repair possible if the need occurs.


Curious about the missing drawer slide? Click here to learn more.


All 48" series casters are rated at 4,000 lbs. per box under continuous duty, 5,000 lbs. per box for normal tool box applications. All have locking positions at 90� increments and heavy duty brakes to keep your tool box in one place. Shock casters are rated at 3,200 lbs. per box.

Spring-loaded shock casters are available for special situations, but in general, they are not necessary. The weight of material we use for the housing (12 gauge) and the uninterrupted seam welds make the Tracer toolbox strong enough for most any situation. However, when used in areas with rough surfaces, you may find the unit rolls more easily using the shock caster.