Selecting Drawer Options

Universal Drawer Placement

Our design allows you to select your drawer depths as we assemble your box. Keep in mind if you ever want to rearrange your drawers, you can do so just by sliding them out and then back in to their new position.

Tracer Tool Box drawers are made from fully seam welded 14 gauge mild steel and are completely powder coated with a durable texturized black finish.

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Our box model numbers designate the width of the box, in inches, and the number of slides in that model which can be filled with different drawer depths. The 48-11 has 11 pairs of slides, the 48-15 has 15 pairs of slides, the 48-18 has 18 pairs of slides and the 48-Top has 8 pairs of slides.

We describe our drawers as:

  • 1X (2.125"deep)
  • 1.5X (3.25" deep)
  • 2X (4.25" deep)
  • 3X (6.75" deep)

The Deep Drawer Option is the equivalent of a 5X (11.25" deep), and that drawer is paired with a 2X and a 3X to its side.

The "X" number describes the number of pairs of slides each drawer type will utilize when mounted into the box.

Consider your needs keeping in mind the drawer depths, and then select your drawers so the total of the "X's" added together equal the slides you have available in your choice of box model.

We have created several illustrations of drawer configuration examples. These are suggestions only and are not the only available choices.


Three things to remember:

  1. The 1.5X drawers must always be together in pairs stacked one on top of the other. Each pair uses up 3 drawer slides. You can order two, four, or six 1.5X drawers, but not one, three, or five.
  2. The Deep Drawer Option ("DDO") uses up 5 glides because it is a 5X drawer. It must always be positioned at the bottom of the box. Its companion drawers are a 2X and 3X (which adds up to 5X). You could order five 1X drawers (which adds up to 5 slides) or a 3X and a two 1X as companion drawers.
  3. Stainless steel toolboxes are configured exactly the same as color coated units.

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